One of the most prestigious film schools in the country, the USC School of Cinematic Arts, utilizes Canon REALiS LCOS Projectors in classrooms, screening rooms and sound stages. The color accuracy, image quality, flexibility and reliability of these projectors provide a vital tool for the faculty to use during classroom exercises, and for students to use during the shooting of their productions as well as to showcase their creative content.


Lin & Jirsa is a premier wedding photography and videography studio located in Los Angeles and Orange County. In order to provide a unique studio experience for their clients, they chose Canon REALiS WUX500 Pro AV LCOS Projectors for their high resolution, image clarity and color accuracy. These features helped deliver an immersive, cinematic display that allows clients to relive momentous events caught through photography.


Seeking state-of-the-art projector technology to bring shadow theater production to life, graphic artist and creative moviemaker Hamid Rahmanian utilized Canon REALiS WUX400ST Pro AV LCOS Projectors for “Feathers of Fire: A Persian Epic.” The REALiS WUX400ST was chosen for its short-throw capabilities as well as its focal length, outstanding image quality and compact size which made it ideal for realizing an inspiring entertainment experience.


This model has been upgraded to 5000 lumens as the REALiS WUX500ST projector.